NDO Creative

University of Guelph - CMT Microsite Redesign

Copywriting and provided for the redesign of The University of Guelph’s Concussion Management Therapy site.


Client: University of Guelph - HPC

project: Health + Performance – Landing Page Redesign

Skills: Copywriting



After significantly expanding their range of services, The Health and Performance Centre at the University of Guelph was looking to revamp the design and messaging behind their HPC landing page.

Teaming up with Isabel-Avery, NDO Creative was tasked with helping to refresh site copy and messaging on the topic of concussion management for young athletes.


  • Refresh the voice and tone of the HPC's site for potential parents and athletes with concussion-related concerns.
  • Provide clear copywriting and messaging across the site to provide a detailed-yet-accessible approach to concussion management for athletes.


Across several weeks, NDO Creative worked with Isabel-Avery to solidify brand messaging across the site to promote a benefit-driven approach towards conducting baseline-concussion tests early on young athletes as a preventative measure for more severe concussion symptoms in future.



Through in-depth blog posts, monthly newsletters, and benefit-based site copy, we were able to craft a strategic message around concussion management proving to be beneficial and engaging to end-user needs.


Closing statement

Fun fact: The Creative Director at NDO Creative used to volunteer for the HPC when he attended the University and they kept up their relation ever since. Small world, eh?