NDO Creative

Steeltown Garage – Branded Content

Brand photography and content developed for Steeltown Garage Co. in Hamilton, Ontario.


CLIENT: Steeltown Garage (Hamilton, on)

PROJECT: Branded photography/Content

SKILLS: graphic design, art direction, photography


Steeltown Garage Co. (SGC) is a lifestyle brand, a coffee shop, a retail store, and a hub for an emerging new motorcycle community in downtown Hamilton, the heart of Canada’s steel belt. If anything, it’s a place to connect with friends and other likeminded, free spirits.


As an emerging community, Steeltown Garage Co. was looking to display its brand in a unique way which visually appeals to not just the motorcycle community, but the lifestyle community and coffee-goers they service through their retail shop. These photos were intended to be used in creative for Facebook + Instagram advertisements, SGC’s website and social media platforms to drive top-of-funnel brand awareness and improve store/site traffic.

Steeltown Garage Branded Content Photography NDO
Steeltown Garage Branded Content Photography NDO


We captured the shop’s finer details through branded photography of Steeltown’s merchandise, coffee press, clothing, and architectural elements through high contrast images with a focus on teal and gold highlights to give the images the same nostalgic feel Steeltown Garage Co. gives its customers.


Closing statement

Steeltown Garage Co. is a fantastic company to work with and we were happy to provide this branded content for their site, advertisements, and social! We truly were able to capture the genuine, nostalgic atmosphere of the shop.