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Melted Wax – Brand Identity/Packaging

Brand identity development and packaging design for Melted Wax, a bespoke candle company based out of Guelph, Ontario.


Client: Melted Wax – Lifestyle/Ecommerce brand

project: Brand identity + Packaging Design

Skills: graphic design, copywriting, creative direction, Brand Strategy


Melted Wax isn’t your usual candle company; it’s as if a whiskey glass met an iceberg which smelled like balsam wood and happened to also show up to your gala wearing a floral shirt with a leather bow tie, ready to cut down a cedar tree…with it’s bare hands.

Our goal at NDO Creative was to craft a timeless, thoughtful, and refined brand identity for Melted Wax which represents its classic, minimal, bespoke nature as a brand.


  • Craft a brand identity for Melted Wax, including a logomark, logotype, brand typography, colour palette, brand patterning, iconography and more.

  • Develop the brand language; including brand characteristics, art direction, and advertisements.

  • Help develop the label/packaging for the initial Melted Wax candle series.


Through the Winter of 2018/2019, NDO Creative worked on crafting the visual language, value proposition, and identity elements of Melted Wax – including an updated logomark, logotype, brand typography, patterning/iconography, best practices and overall content strategy.


Through fast-cycle iteration and the revision of multiple concepts, we were able to solidify the main logomark, logotype, and elements of the brand identity which represent Melted Wax as a classic, clean, and minimal lifestyle brand.

Finalized logomark, formed by “M” and “W” letterforms.

Finalized logomark, formed by “M” and “W” letterforms.

Finalized primary logotype.

Finalized primary logotype.

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Closing statement

Crafting the brand identity for Melted Wax was a dream for us; we’re happy to support brands with that promote mindfulness, relaxation, and self-care – especially with the busy world we live in.