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Harry Kainth – Web Redesign/Brand Identity

Web redesign, copywriting refresh, and logo redesign for real estate agent Harry Kainth.


Client: Harry Kainth – Real estate agent

project: web redesign + Brand Identity Refresh

Skills: graphic design, web development, copywriting, creative direction

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After launching a basic site as a real estate agent in Guelph, Ontario, Harry Kainth’s (HK) business scaled fairly quickly based on a stellar reputation and business acumen. Accordingly, Harry’s brand identity and value proposition evolved as the business did.

Our goal at NDO Creative was to redevelop the HK visual and brand identity to reinforce Harry’s values and unique perspective on the real estate market: honesty, transparency, and a detail-oriented approach being the main points to communicate.


  • Redesign the existing Home, About, and Testimonials/Work page copy, visual design, and structure.

  • Develop, design, write new pages for the Blog, Work, FAQ’s, and more to offer additional content to site viewers about real estate tips, guides, and insights on the the HK story.

  • Redesign the HK logo and visuals to reflect a clear, clean, bold brand identity.

  • Improve overall site traffic and conversion rates on the Contact Form through an inbound lead approach.

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Over a 4 week period, NDO worked on developing a black and white (literally) visual and communications strategy that reinforced a no-BS, honest, transparent brand voice towards the real estate industry. We revised the copy for pre-existing pages, refreshed the Home Page design/content, designed additional pages for the Work, FAQ, and About section, created/populated the Blog section with content, and developed logo concepts and a final design for Harry’s visual identity.

NDO initial logo mock-ups/sketches.

NDO initial logo mock-ups/sketches.

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Through strategic blog writing, copy development, and a black and white approach to the HK brand identity, we presented a revised site which promoted the values the HK brand embodies: family, community, honesty, and a straight-forward approach to helping people find the home of their dreams, sell their existing homes, and invest intelligently – all while raising the Contact Page conversion rates and overall site traffic through improved SEO and content.

V1 Logo (Top) vs. NDO Revamped V2 Logo (Bottom)

V1 Logo (Top) vs. NDO Revamped V2 Logo (Bottom)

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HK Real Estate Stationery

Closing statement

The HK site and brand identity were a pleasure to work on: the real estate industry can be a complicated one, but Harry’s focus is on genuinely meeting people’s home needs through a detail-oriented approach – which is something we can get behind at NDO Creative.