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Embrace Change – Brand Identity Development

Logo design and branding created for Embrace Change, a Guelph-based non-profit dedicated towards improving environmental sustainability awareness and action.


CLIENT: Embrace change – non-profit

PROJECT: brand Identity design

SKILLS: graphic design, copywriting, creative direction/brand strategy.

Embrace Change Logo Design NDO Brand Identity


Embrace Change is a non-profit dedicated towards environmental preservation and advocacy through information and awareness.

With the overall non-profit values and idea in mind, NDO Creative developed a logo, stationery, and overall brand architecture for Embrace Change to represent its current value and ideology towards ecological preservation.

Finalized logomark.

Finalized logomark.


  • Develop a logomark/logotype to represent Embrace Change’s values of reciprocity, environmental awareness and protection.

  • Develop branding ideas for advertisements, posters, stationery, and other content to

  • Create a brand language through developing a colour palette, typography, iconography, etc.

Finalized lockup.

Finalized lockup.

Initial logo sketches.

Initial logo sketches.



As we went through the Discovery phase with the client, one thing became apparent: the concept of planting a seed, literally and figuratively, was essential towards the branding. Change begins with small steps and oftentimes progress moves in a circular, cyclical fashion.

Accordingly, the logo and visual identity we created reflected this idea by having part of the logo turn wrap into a circular badge; as well as having a small plant stem from a human hand.

Embrace Change – Shirt Mockup – NDO Creative.png


Change starts with small seeds being planted; ultimately, the responsibility is in our hands. The EC logo concept began with a holistic focus on environmental awareness, circular, cyclical symbolism, and impact-driven language. Take a look at our first round of ideas below and the final logos.

The logos and branding we developed for Embrace Change successfully captured the essence of environmental change being in our hands from grassroots efforts. See more below!

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Embrace Change – Business Cards.png

Closing statement

Crafting brand identities for companies and non-profits in the impact space is a dream. At NDO Creative, we hope to work only with impact-driven clients through our communications and design work. For us, the sole purpose of design is to solve problems; environmental preservation definitely is at the top of the list.