NDO Creative

Elaquent - Press Run Photography

Portrait shoot for producer Elaquent’s “Celebrate Life!” press run.


CLIENT: elaquent (Sona Elango)

PROJECT: Press Photography - portrait shoot



In anticipation of his album release for "Celebrate Life", Elaquent commissioned us for a series of portrait and lifestyle photos for his press run, and to be featured on Spotify, Exclaim, and other digital platforms. 


  • Capture portrait + lifestyle photos for Spotify album/artist listing.
  • Create visuals for Elaquent's album press run.
  • Help develop Elaquent's brand voice through consistent imagery.


Capturing the essence of Elaquent's brand includes capturing the introverted side of him as an artist, which is what lends so well to his musical style.

We made use of the golden hour lighting, heavy grain, and an emphasis on light blue and gold tones to reinforce this image.


View some of the portrait + lifestyle images here (and the rest of them here!).

closing statement

With over 300'000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a global following, it was an absolute pleasure to shoot portraits of someone so talented, yet so low-key and humble about his art. We encourage you to check out his music (it's all we edit photos and design to, basically).