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Dominic Mitges – Web Design/Brand Identity

Web redesign project and brand identity refresh for Dominic Mitges, communications coach, grief counsellor, and author.



project: web redesign + Brand Identity Refresh

Skills: graphic design, web development, copywriting, creative direction


Disclaimer: This project was one of the most personal we’ve done, since it reflects so many of the values we stand for. Dominic Mitges (DM) is a communications coach, author, and suicide grief counsellor who uses his skills to help others cope with trauma, improve their relationships and achieve the goals they’ve always wanted – in life and in business.

Our goal was to build a site that represented the stoic, clear, and honest values Dominic embodies, as well as refresh the visual identity behind the DM brand to reflect a sharp, modern value proposition.


  • Redesign the DM site and refresh headers, body copy, and site-wide imagery to reinforce DM brand value and ideologies.

  • Develop, design, write new pages for the Blog, Media, Communications and Counselling pages to illustrate the depth of Dominic’s services.

  • Redesign the DM logo and visuals to reflect a modern, sharp, transparent brand identity.

  • Improve overall site traffic and conversion rates on the Contact Form, Blog, and Services section(s) through an inbound lead approach.


Over a 4 week period, NDO worked on developing a black and white visual and communications strategy that reinforced a no-BS, honest, transparent brand voice towards improving communications skills and dealing with grief. We revised the copy in the active tense for each page to reinforce a direct-response driven site, chose a sans-serif typeface to suit the DM simple, clear communication style, as well as a new logomark/stationery seen below.

Finalized logomark.

Finalized logomark.


Through a detail-oriented, benefit-driven approach, we developed a site and brand identity that illustrates the Dominic Mitges voice effectively: clear, honest, and empathetic. We developed sections for Dominic’s media and press, suicide grief counselling, a clearly defined communications page, and even a bonus section which includes a flipbook developed for Dominic’s recent book, “The Three Paths To Healing.” All in all, the project was a great success from a design and dev standpoint.



DM_BusinessCard_Mockup_NDO Creative.png

Closing statement

We’re creative people who know anxiety, depression, and mental health struggles all too well. This was a dream project for us to do, because it embodies what we’re all about: driving impact and helping others. Take a look at the full project below.