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CHFA - Blog Copywriting

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CLIENT: Canadian health food association

PROJECT: blog copywriting

SKILLS: copywriting

CHFA NDO Creative


The Canadian Health Food Association needed copywriting for their blog series by Michelle Book.

Why us? This wasn’t just regular blog writing – it was centric to nutraceuticals, human physiology, and clinical research: scientific, to say the least. Since we have a background in working with clients in the nutrition space – it was a natural fit.


  • Develop topics, research, and copy for the CHFA blog.

  • Helping to develop the content strategy and schedule for blog posts.

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We worked with the CHFA marketing and editorial team to develop a schedule of posts and topics to be written in correspondence with reader interest, seasonal trends, and trends within the health and nutrition space.

Then, we developed the copy, revisions, and final product for each blog post with revisions and suggestions from the CHFA editorial team.

CHFA Blog NDO Creative


Each blog post was strategically released to reflect current trends in the nutrition industry, reader interest, and seasonality.

Blog posts were utilized to improve CHFA site traffic, social media engagement, and help position them as thought leaders in the health industry.


Closing statement

If you’re reading this: blogs aren’t dead. In fact, the micro-content leveraged from blog writing can often be more important and impactful than the blog itself. How? Let’s talk about it over coffee. ☕️