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NDO*Podcast 057 – XEIST – "If You Know, You Know"

This is a snippet from Episode 57 of the NDO* Podcast with XEIST, a Hamilton-based fashion, design, and lifestyle innovation company aiming to shift culture by means of thoughtful, future-ready design made today. We chop it up about streetwear culture, design trends, and how the brand came to XEIST in the first place.

Ryan: When I’m designing something, be it a logo, a brand identity, or a poster, I’m always thinking:

Is this timely or timeless?

XEIST: I get that. See, the timespan in human history goes so far back. I mean, far, far, back – all the way to Egyptian days, pyramids, etc. At this point in time we might dress a certain way, but 3000 years down the road it’ll be different.


With XEIST, I want to be able to leave a mark, or tell people what our generation dressed like through our designs.

R: I know Kanye has said said some crazy shit lately–some of it sensible, some of it not–but he talks about the same thing idea [of timelines in human history].

“What if in another lifetime I had a robe on as a God? What if 1000 years from now we’re wearing mechanical suits?”

Everyone thinks he’s crazy, but I don’t think he’s actually that far off. He’s actually referencing films like Akira, Ghost In The Shell, and the Egyptian history we spoke about. If you know, you know.

X: That clicks for me, because it’s a huge fact. If you don’t know or are confused, ask someone who knows. If you know, you know…you know?

R: Definitely. A lot of people will give Kanye shit, and some of it might be deserved, but I definitely encourage people to dig deeper beyond surface level banter. Look at the influences he’s mentioning. I mean, Kanye has been posting visuals from Akira for a minute, and other references to space and history.

On that tip, what sort of visuals do you think of when you think of XEIST?

X: I think I like people being able to give their input – it’s a culture movement. I want the culture to be able to talk to me and talk about what they want. I think we know what the culture wants to wear. It should be collaborative.

XEIST_WHITE_NDO Podcast.jpeg

R: I know that Yeezy aims to have different arms and divisions in technology, the non-profit sector, etc. Do you think of XEIST having the same type of structure in future?

X: Yeah, very similar! I know you talk about XEIST as streetwear, but it’s more then that – it’s a design movement. It’s lifestyle innovation. We also do uniforms; we also want to design water bottles.

Once you know how to make things people like, you can’t just limit it to streetwear. Because then you’re limited. I can make other things that help [people], like uniforms and water bottles.

R: That statement reminds me of when Kanye had the first Zane Lowe interview years ago. For so long he was a rapper/producer who wanted to apply his taste to other things and the industry looked at him like he was crazy for wanting to try.

XEIST_Logo_NDO Podcast

He was boxed in by the idea of being a “rapper” or a “celebrity”, but his level of taste could be applied to multiple things that could help humanity. And I mean, if you look at what Yeezy is doing now…

X: Totally. Before, it was like the creative was buried by labels, corporations, expectations…now, the creative has so many platforms to create what they want without any backing. I can make a uniform, or a water bottle, or anything with these ideas.

*As an aside, I really respect XEIST for doing this interview. The brand is comprised of creative individuals who are more privy to doing and creating vs. speaking in public forums; in fact, Gary Vaynerchuk was a part of the reason XEIST decided to speak on the podcast through his “if there’s a platform, go speak on it” mentality.

I’m more shy than people think and I also prefer creating to speaking, so I get it. And for that reason, salut to XEIST for being on. ㊙️

To listen to the full episode, hit the link here. 🚀

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