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Are You A Vendor Or An Expert?

Here’s a question you probably haven’t asked yourself: are you consulted for your expertise in a given arena, be that design or photography, or are you simply selling something? Read more in this article to understand why we shifted the positioning of our services and how it has made all the difference for our business.

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NDO Podcast – Ep. 061 – Joschka Sawatzky – "STUDY THE CRAFT"

This is a snippet of Episode 061 from the NDO* Podcast with Joschka Sawatzky, a graphic designer, hand letterer, and award-winning art director operating out of Waterloo, Ontario. On this episode, we discuss Joschka’s winding path before going to design school, the surprising impact design school had on him, and dive into the stories of some of our favourite designers like Aaron Draplin, Paula Scher, and Virgil Abloh.

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Confessions From Stefan Sagmeïster On Creative Block

Aside from being an eclectic designer, co-founder of Sagmeister & Walsh, and an inspiration to any young creative person, Stefan Sagmeister's philosophies are must haves for anyone that suffers from a creative block in their profession or passion.

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Psst! Your Customers Don't Like Advertising

Have you ever wanted to be advertised to? Do you explicitly want to be sold something? Do you truly enjoy being marketed to? Find out why the difference between branding, advertising, and marketing is an important one for your business.

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