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The thoughts, musings, and recent blog posts on design thinking and communications, from the team at NDO*Creative.

NDO Creative Is Live! Here's Our Story

After considerable work behind the scenes, our site is finally live! We're happy to be live and serving your content + design needs: but first, we'd love to share our story - it's similar to yours.

If you're reading this, it's pretty exciting times for the both of us! This is NDO Creative's first blog post, on the first iteration of our site, and our first words directly to YOU - the reader. 

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For you, this means a slew of content coming your way, designed to help you if you are:

  • Feeling stuck as a creative person
  • A company looking to improve your creative content and communications strategies
  • Looking to learn business fundamentals for creative businesses - small and large
  • A copywriter, graphic designer, videographer, or other creative individual wanting tips on navigating the creative business world

Before any of that, however, we'd love to share the story of how we began and who we are.

An Idea In Vancouver: Execution In Ontario

What is an idea without any execution? A fleeting thought. A cloud. A daydream.

The idea to start a creative agency/collective called NDO (shorthand for "No Days Off") began on a sunny day in Vancouver, B.C – specifically at Point Grey x Trafalgar Street.

We spent months at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design studying design and branding. Vancouver: we love you.

We spent months at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design studying design and branding. Vancouver: we love you.

Our creative director was inspired after experiencing the West Coast as a freelance copywriter and exploring the design sensibilities of Vancouver, LA, and Seattle. Having spent a lifetime studying brands, human psychology, and marketing, he had the idea of establishing a creative agency centered around the one constant in the lives of every creative: hustle.

And hustle we have: after spending extensive time learning about design and copywriting strategies, content strategy, and branding, then applying that knowledge to accomplish goals for our clients in nutrition, tech, and lifestyle industries, we've finally decided to set up shop in Guelph, Ontario (and our website, too!)

Aside from our client work with nutrition, tech, and lifestyle companies, we're here to deliver great content for creative entrepreneurs who need business advice and inspiration from the pros.

For starters, check out the podcast we run here (it's chock-full of great ideas for creators and entrepreneurs on accelerating their business growth)!

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