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NDO Podcast 056 – Stephanie Scott – "DESIGN ALWAYS MATTERS"

On the NDO Podcast, we interview creative entrepreneurs on their why, their how, and their story behind their craft. This is a snippet from Episode 56 with Stephanie Scott, muralist and designer who’s work has been featured at Vidyard, Catalyst 137, and many more places. We chat about current design trends, her influences as an artist/designer, and our love for The Futur.

Ryan: One thing I would ask you, is...

If you were someone young graduating from OCAD, or Conestoga, or any other institution from a design program, what would you tell them advice wise as they’re thrown to the wolves of the working world?

Steph: I’ve been thinking about this! it’s tricky because I didn’t have a linear process of graduating school and getting a job.

Know your value. For any designer, you should have a solid foundation in what you’re creating. Going through the school system can sometimes give you shortcuts: sometimes that’s good, sometimes they’re at the expense of quality and knowing the design history.

Stephanie Scott NDO Creative

Steph: Either way, always work to improve your abilities. Make a solid foundation.

Again, know your value! A lot of times you can fall into jobs that pay you the bare minimum – because you’re a junior designer.

But you have to go through the ringer [as a designer]. I’m not saying have an attitude, but know that you have to work up to everything. One stepping stone after the next.

Nothing is handed to you. Just go for it and understand what you have to do to achieve your design goals.

Stephanie Scott NDO Creative

Ryan: To add to that - if you have to work retail or a different job out of school to pay bills and fund your design career , there’s 0 shame in that.

Steph: Oh, totally! The beginning stages of anything can be a lot of that. I’ve worked so many retail jobs, cafe jobs, bartending jobs...all these kind of things while working on something else to better my abilities. Even volunteer stuff; just to build a creative foundation and improve the skills.

Don’t lose that desire to keep learning and improving! That’s what’ll keep you moving towards your goals.

Ryan: The only shortcuts you should be taking are keyboard shortcuts, right?

Steph: Yes! Learn your hot keys. ;)


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