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NDO Podcast 055 – Alnoor K – "F*CK THE HYPE"

On the NDO Podcast, we interview creative entrepreneurs on their why, their how, and their story behind their craft. This is a snippet from Episode 55 with Alnoor Keshvani, founder of Loop Clothing in Waterloo, ON, on how the current state of streetwear culture is a reflection of societal contexts.

Ryan: Sometimes people are waiting to find their “thing” and struggling with it, without realizing that sometimes they have to go live in the world and let that thing find them.

Alnoor: It’s funny you mention that! On that note, I’ll say was actually corporate before I did this.

And I was in a well paying position, with great money, but I wasn’t satisfied.

After I decided I was going to quit my job, I also decided that I didn’t want to go back to that [corporate environment], but I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

For me, it was going out traveling – traveling across Canada by train. Which I’d highly recommend. If you get a chance: do it.

I was just out seeking truth. Like, what drives me? What pushes me?

Reigning Champ NDO Podcast LOOP Clothing

Ryan: Your truth.

Al: Yes! As I got to cities, I’d just go to the downtown cores and look around and ask myself “What makes this place relevant?”

It always boiled down to the same thing: culture, music, food, and a commonality amongst all that. The commonality for me was clothes. It ties people together and culture together.

Brixton LOOP Clothing Waterloo

I was instilled with a quality over quantity mindset when I was growing up, which is really who I am, what I do, and what I believe in. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t buy based on trends when I’m buying for the store.


Ryan: You buy what what you like.

Al: It’s not even that – it’s about what the customer wants. I use them as a reference and ask: Is this going to work?

My first priority on the buying checklist is: Is it quality? That’s my #1 concern. #2 is the fit. When you look around the shop, you see real quality stuff.

Ryan: I love that and I agree! Like, think about the basics: shouldn’t they be awesome too? If I’m buying a white tee, I’d buy one to last like one from Reigning Champ or Vitaly. Quality means everything.


Al: I’d rather people invest in quality over hype...because quality will always be in style.

10 years from now you’ll ask yourself: why the f*ck did I spend $80, $90, $100 on this thing that wasn’t quality?

Ryan: Totally. I find myself wearing all the stuff my dad wore [when he was young] – especially these Storm King leather jackets he had.

Al: I’d rather someone invest in longer term pieces instead of getting on the hype train. I don’t know where it’s going...but I know it’s not somewhere good.

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