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NDO Podcast – *Ep. 058 – Tim Muza – "THE WINDING CREATIVE PATH"

This is a snippet from Episode 58 of the NDO* Podcast with Timothy Muza, a photographer, filmmaker, and creative director operating out of Waterloo, Ontario. This was one of the most fun episodes to film to date; we discussed the pros and cons of being solopreneurs, how the landscape of photography is changing with tech advancements, and our respective origin stories as photographers.

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Confessions From Stefan Sagmeïster On Creative Block

Aside from being an eclectic designer, co-founder of Sagmeister & Walsh, and an inspiration to any young creative person, Stefan Sagmeister's philosophies are must haves for anyone that suffers from a creative block in their profession or passion.

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How To: Win Clients Without Pitching

No, this isn’t some shitty clickbait title. I really mean it: there’s a way. It’s actually derived from a lesson learned after years of consulting and the tutelage of Blair Enns – specifically his “Win Without Pitching Manifesto”. Read the passage below and change how you get clients from here on out.

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Low & Slow: Grappling The Creative Process

At best, the grapple with the creative process as a photographer, designer, or writer is manageable – but always present and terrifying in magnitude. This is a guest post from Jonathan Barraball: Gastronaut, dilettante, and stellar writer, on coming to grips with this process as a creative within the food industry juggling history, culture, and the words behind them.

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NDO Podcast 055 – Alnoor K – "F*CK THE HYPE"

On the NDO Podcast, we interview creative entrepreneurs on their why, their how, and their story behind their craft. This is a snippet from Episode 55 with Alnoor Keshvani, founder of Loop Clothing in Waterloo, ON, on how the current state of streetwear culture is a reflection of societal contexts.

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Psst! Your Customers Don't Like Advertising

Have you ever wanted to be advertised to? Do you explicitly want to be sold something? Do you truly enjoy being marketed to? Find out why the difference between branding, advertising, and marketing is an important one for your business.

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